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Top 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies


Regardless of being one of the greatest film stars on the planet with endless film industry hits, Jim Carrey is a really disruptive on-screen character. A few fans value his skill for rubbery expressive satire, yet others condemn this performing style as exaggerating.

While he was once potentially the most bankable star on the planet, his status has dropped in the previous hardly any years and he hasn’t generally featured in a significant hit since 2008’s Yes Man. In any case, he’s deserted a noteworthy collection of work and all there’s odds his star could rise once more. In this way, here are Jim Carrey’s 10 Best Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes.

Best Jim Carrey Movies

1-) The Mask

the mask

The motion picture that made Jim Carrey’s profession was a comic book film, however not the sort of comic book motion picture that currently floods theaters each couple of weeks. The Mask is about a normal man who is conceded remarkable forces, sure, yet he doesn’t utilize them to spare the world. The Mask is more similar to The Nutty Professor than Spider-Man, and clearly, a droll based Jerry Lewis-esque job is directly in Carrey’s wheelhouse, so it’s a splendid motion picture.

On a side-note, Carrey isn’t the main A-rundown star whose profession started with The Mask. You’ll additionally observe a youthful Cameron Diaz make her featuring debut in the film.

2-)Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Film-writer Charlie Kaufman has made a profession out of taking something we would all be able to identify with, similar to the sentiment of gloom and misery after a relationship, and turn it into something artistic, as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jim Carrey stars as Joel, a person who falls head over heels in adoration with a young lady, played by Kate Winslet, who makes him extremely upset.

3-)Bruce Almighty

bruce almighty

Jim Carrey’s decade-long ride as Hollywood’s ruler of satire essentially finished in 2003 with Bruce Almighty, the tale of a TV journalists who secures the forces of God. It earned an astounding $484 dollar and implied that Carrey was strong, yet the next year Carrey’s Bruce Almighty co-star Steve Carell discharged The 40 Year Old Virgin, kickstarting the Judd Apatow upset and making Jim Carrey all of a sudden appear to be very old fashioned. This didn’t mean, in any case, that having Steve Carell in your motion picture promised it would be a hit: That’s something Hollywood took in the most difficult way possible when they made Evan Almighty (a Jim without carrey Bruce Almighty spin-off) and saw it land with a crash.

4-) The Truman Show

the truman show


Outside of The Real World and a bunch of other spearheading programs, there was no unscripted television in 1998. Survivor was as yet two years away and Regis Philbin hadn’t put on his suit for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? It was into this increasingly honest time that The Truman Show hit theaters, recounting to the tale of a youngster who doesn’t understand that his whole life is a TV show and everybody he knows, down to his significant other and closest companion, is a paid entertainer. Why anybody would need to watch such an apparently exhausting show is unimportant: This is a splendid and wondrous film, regardless of whether in 2014 the idea never again appears that outlandish.

5-) Liar Liar
liar liar

Jim Carrey ricocheted once again from The Cable Guy with this impressively more standard satire about a legal counselor physically unequipped for lying. The plot sounds somewhat conventional, yet Carrey raised the material and even earned a Golden Globe selection for his exertion. He even figured out how to prevail upon Roger Ebert, who had slammed the vast majority of his past movies. “I am steadily building up a doubt, or maybe it is a dread, that Jim Carrey is developing on me,” he composed. “Am I turning into a fan?” He wouldn’t make up his see any problems until the next year, when Carrey featured in a motion picture that appeared to foresee the ascent of unscripted TV dramas.

6-) Ace Ventura

ace ventura

ACeVentura: Detective had a long and odd street to the big screen. Makers considered everyone from Rick Moranis to Whoopi Goldberg for the lead job, inevitably going with Jim Carrey, who was then all around known as “the white person from In Living Color.” He took the film relying on the prerequisite that he could re-compose the content with his group, and in a brief timeframe period they made the motion picture staggeringly peculiar and even included an unexpected kicker straight out of The Crying Game. Hollywood was totally dazed when it netted $107 million on a minor $15 million spending plan. No one at any point thought of Jim Carrey as “the white person from In Living Color” once more

7-) Dumb and Dumber

dumb and dumber

8 -) Yes Man

yes man


This moving satire, in light of Danny Wallace’s book of a similar name, discovers Carrey playing Carl Allen, a grumpy naysayer whose life changes when he vows to express yes to everything. The reason sounds great on paper, however when I think about all the comic’s jobs, this is the one feels increasingly “Sure” at that point “YES.” Not on the grounds that the composing isn’t great, and not on the grounds that Carrey isn’t great; he just feels stuck, sort of limited. Like this bit, wherein Carl endeavors to defeat his companion at the video store, minutes that ought to be vintage Carrey never fully arrive. Rather, you regularly get something like a quieted wackiness that needs to break free, the entire film chugging along in comparable, at last unfulfilling design, which, for Carrey, just causes it to appear as though he’s wearing a shirt that doesn’t exactly fit right.

9-) Number 23

number 23

Films like Eternal Sunshine and The Truman Show demonstrated Carrey had sensational slashes worth returning to. In this way, making him the lead of a mental blood and gore movie was not the craziest thought – given the correct vehicle, the entertainer would have the option to turn in something fittingly hyper. Sadly, a few knuckleheads thought the best approach was Joel Schumacher’s The Number 23, the tale of a creature control official who gets fixated on – drumroll, it would be ideal if you – everything 23. Believe it or not. He asks individuals basic math inquiries. He understands books. He gazes at numbers until everything comes up… 23! All while folding his arms and frowning. Honestly, Carrey’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, yet his sincere presentation didn’t interpret. Minutes where he strolls down the walkway while signs with 2s and 3s frequent him with the force of bounce alarms or where he irately jots conditions on his dividers before stunned spectators? They play like beats tore from a SNL spoof. The trailer alone is an astonishing unplanned sketch..

10-) My, Myself & Irene

me myself ırene

Ok, the year 2000, when dysfunctional behavior could soundly frame the premise of a late spring blockbuster parody. Jim Carrey is actually the main individual alive equipped for pulling off Charlie Baileygates, a Rhode Island State Trooper with a character issue that causes Charlie to build up a subsequent character, named Hank, to express stifled fierceness. Who else on Earth can do this? While Ace Ventura made him a star, Dumb and Dumber gets all the quotable-exemplary consideration, and The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine transformed him into a veritable artiste, no motion picture better catches the full scope of Carrey’s gifts than Me, Myself and Irene. The Farrelly siblings’ vanity seems like it was run off at a late-night conceptualize – “Imagine a scenario in which a white cop were decent to the point that he built up a second, forceful character as an outlet?” “Better believe it, and consider the possibility that his children were dark!” – however hell, it’s as yet clever.


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