The Ninth Gate (1999)

Due to the constant devils and evil spirits running to the human world to do evil and then being wiped out, the population of the demon world has been in negative growth. In order to fight against God, Lucifer decided to recruit apprentices among mortals, and personally wrote the textbook “The Ninth Gate”. But the demon world cannot be like heaven which accept appropriate people. The demon only recruits the most suitable people.

Candidate No. 1: lecherous female aristocrat.
She cheats on her husband. She is an important figure in the secret “Silver Snake Society” and will do anything to get the teaching materials. Unfortunately, the great evil code in her hands is only a tool to arouse love, the devil to tempt the world with lust, but she voluntarily fell into the trap of She was at best a bad mortal.

Candidate No. 2: Ruthless rich man.
Lucifer’s faithful followers. He even set the elevator code are to the very poor security “666”. He is extremely gifted and can discover the correct way to use the textbook. In order to become a demon, he is not afraid to kill or set himself on fire. Unfortunately, he made the wrong decision, so that whether it is to become immortal or into the magic of fate is very important. Some people are destined to become paving stones. Some people are destined to become the paving stone, some people unknowingly hit the luck.

Candidate No. 3: gloomy boy Depp
Since the opening of the Demon Circle Cinema, the movie about Depp has been a long-running success. There are countless female Fans of Depp in the demon world. Finally, a bold demon sneaks to earth, and find the detective Depp, little by little to induce Depp to explore the secrets of darkness. Of course, Depp’s nature is very compatible with the darkness, those “Pirates of the Caribbean” and other films are just acting, earn money. Darkness is where Depp belongs. In the end, Depp made it through the ninth door, into the place he was meant to belong.

This can be derived from, handsome talks!