The 16 Best Korean Movies


Masterpieces of Korean cinema of the 21 century: from military dramas to thrillers, crime fighters and melodramas.We have listed the best Korean movies for you.

1-) spring summer fall winter and spring

ilkbahar yaz sonbahar kış ve ilkbahar

Perhaps the most important picture in the filmography of Korean Director Kim Ki-Duk. A beautiful philosophical parable about the inexorability of time, humility and the nature of being.

The film tells the story of an old monk and his pupil living in a floating hut on a lake far from civilization. The measured pace of their lives is disrupted when a young student meets a girl.

2-) Bad Guy

kötü adam

The seventh picture of Kim Ki-Duk, telling about a guy who falls in love with a girl at first sight, but is rejected. Then he develops a cunning plan of revenge and kidnaps his beloved.

A contrasting contradictory story about hypertrophied love from the master of silent cinema leaves behind a bitter aftertaste and a desire to get acquainted with the work of the Director.

3-) Oldboy

yaşlı erkek

Park Chan-wook’s cult film garnered numerous awards and nominations, with critics and audiences giving exceptionally positive reviews. The picture is included in the “trilogy of revenge”, and if you could not hear about the other two works ,then “Oldboy” was certainly always on the ear.

In the story, an unremarkable businessman is kidnapped by unknown people and thrown into prison for many years. After he is released, he goes in search of his abusers, obsessed with revenge.

4-) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Bay intikam için sempati

The first film in Park Chan-wook’s revenge Trilogy. “Sympathy for Mr. Revenge” is not as dynamic as” Oldboy”, but the operator chooses such angles that you can not take your eyes off the screen. And in General, the regularity is only good for the picture.

Ryu, a deaf and dumb steel mill worker, needs money to operate on his sick sister. He sells the kidney to organ dealers, but the crooks hide with the money. Then Ryu decides together with his girlfriend to steal the daughter of a former boss to get a ransom for her.

5-) Train To Busan

busan şehrine git


A dynamic Thriller in the entourage of the zombie Apocalypse with social and political overtones. The country has an epidemic of a virus that can turn people into the living dead, and the father and daughter are locked in a train going to Busan.

The film debuted at the Cannes film festival and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The picture turned out to be unpredictable and realistic in Korean.

6-) The Handmaiden


This picture Park Chan wook many called the best film of 2016 and in the ratings of critics, she consistently took pride of place. This is an erotic Thriller, which connoisseurs of Asian cinema scolded for pandering to the tastes of the uninspiring public, and all those whose acquaintance with Eastern cinema is limited to a couple of movies a year, praised to the skies. Because it really is a very high quality movie.

7- ) Always Only you

her zaman sadece oyu

Such should be all melodramas-sincere, kind, inspiring, so that after it became sad and warm in the soul. So strong and lively feelings can only cause a movie about love. The film tells the story of a former boxer and a blind girl, who brought together a chance meeting.

The debut screening took place at the Busan film festival. All 2,000 seats in the cinema in the open air were sold out in a matter of seconds.


8 – ) Castaway on the Moon

ayda kaçamak

A touching melodramatic story about a guy and a girl who came to the same thing in different ways — loneliness. After a failed suicide attempt, a guy named Kim is washed up on the shore of a small uninhabited island near the bridge from which he jumped. At this time it says girl, a recluse, who spent hours looking out the window.


The ironic picture raises an important social theme: the place we occupy in society. If you associate Korean cinema only with violence and revenge, be sure to watch this film.


9-) A bittersweet life 

acı bir hayat

The main character of the Dream-from working for mob boss Mr. Kang follows his instructions and looks after the restaurant. One day, the owner asks Son-u to follow a friend whom he suspects of treason. Song-Woo performs an errand and finds the girl in the arms of her lover, but does not obey the order and lets them go. Mr. Kahn learns of the betrayal and decides to take revenge.


10-) Mother


A sad drama about a sincere mother’s love-beautiful and frightening. An elderly woman lives in a provincial town with a 28-year-old son-a dolt who manages to get into history. When he is accused of murder, his mother begins her own investigation.

PON Joon-Ho managed to combine in one film and a Thriller, and the drama of human relations, diluted with satire and farce.


11-) The Chaser



In South Korea, call girls began to disappear. The owner of the adult service, Chun-Ho, became concerned when another employee went to a customer and did not return. Remembering the police past, Chun-Ho conducts a personal investigation and quickly goes to the maniac. Intense and dynamic cinema breaks all the patterns that Hollywood has built over the years.


12-) I Saw the Devil

Şeytanı gördüm

Thriller extremely brutally plays up the theme of revenge. The plot is quite simple: a maniac kills another victim, but does not realize that the girl is the daughter-in-law of special agent soo-Hyun. The picture says in plain text that cruel murderers can not be re-educated and even under pain of death, they will not change.


13-) Memories of Murder

cinayet anıları

It’s a picture of how the justice system works. The film convinces the viewer that anyone who gets in her way is a potential enemy. In the Korean Outback, there are several brutal murders. Police officers want to catch a criminal at all costs, but the true motives of the police-to find and punish the culprit, not to solve the case, so sometimes they go beyond what is allowed.


14-) Take care of my cat

kedi filmime iyi bak

Five friends, a recent high school girls, entering their adult lives, the relationship between the girls is changing. A little-known film by a little-known Korean Director. I did not look, so it is difficult to say what is its masterpiece. A real “hidden gem” of Korean cinema.


15-) A Tale of the Sisters 

iki kızkardeşin hikayesi

Fans of thrillers are well aware of this film, present in almost all the lists of the best horror films of the 21st century. The Director superbly pumps up the tension, makes the viewer rush between two versions of what is happening-mystical and psychopathological. Until the end, it will not be easy to guess the outcome.  The Americans made an adaptation of this film. The Uninvited


16-) Peppermint Candy

The film has an unusual narrative structure: from the end to the beginning. First we see the tragic outcome of the life of a Korean man, then we are shown the events from the 20-year period of his life in reverse order. The Director focuses on a realistic depiction of the unsightly Korean reality, leading people to suicide. By the way, it was Lee Chang-Dong who shot ” Blazing.”




We have listed the best Korean movies for you today . Korean films in general are also horror content. Our previous release, “Best Horror Movies,” is right here!


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