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Survival Movies : The Best 13 Survival Movies


Best Survival Movies , In what extreme conditions do not fall heroes of our selection of films about survival. Whether it’s mountains, taiga, desert island with impenetrable jungle or a city captured by zombies, a person is ready to fight with the last strength to save his own life. “Around TV” offers you a list of movies about survival in the wild, during the Apocalypse and even in space. Most importantly, keep food supplies and weapons closer, because you never know where and when they will be useful.

Survival Movies

1-)127 Hours

127 hours

Taking up the film adaptation of the real story described in the autobiographical book of climber Aron Ralston, Danny Boyle bet on realism. The filming location was not just the same blue John canyon, but the very place of the canyon in which the climber was hit by a three-hundred-kilogram boulder. In the equipment of the hero was not some standard set for climbers, but exactly the same, with which the real Ralston was on the verge of life and death. James Franco, meanwhile, did not seem to be the only right choice, and the Director darted between several contenders for the lead role. Vainly. “127 hours” is a film after which James Franco can be forgiven any acting failures.”Best Survival Movies” 1th on our list!

2-) Life of Pi

life of pi

To fight for survival, which the main character of “Life of PI” leads in the ocean, looked more reliable, Stephen Callahan was discharged to the set. Experience, which he received in the early 1980’s, not wish no one: slightly more two months known yachtsman spent alone with life raft and Atlantic ocean. Survived, wrote a bestseller, became famous all over the world. The character of the adventure film ang Lee had much harder. An Indian youth, named after the Parisian basin “Pisin Molitor,” drifted on the ocean in glorious company, which is not worth meeting even on land. One lifeboat — five passengers. Man, hyena, Zebra, orangutan and Bengal tiger.”Best Survival Movies” 2th on our list!

3-) The Martian

the martian

Ridley Scott’s last work to date, awarded two “Golden globes” (in the categories “Best actor” and “Best survival movies in the genre of Comedy”), was presented to the public as “the adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Mars.” Forget about the credits, which appear dozens of actors. “The Martian” is a pure benefit by Matt Damon, whose hero falls into conditions worthy of high tragedy (one! on Mars! no connection to Earth!), but acts like a Comedy movie character. “Mars will be horrified by my abilities,” the hero declares, naming himself the colonizer and the greatest agronomist of the red planet. To harvest the first ever crop of Martian potatoes, he extracted water from rocket fuel, and as fertilizer uses his own excrement. “Best Survival Movies” 3th on our list!

4-) Buried

buriedA low-budget series shot entirely in one set is called a “bottle episode”in the jargon of American television. Rodrigo Cortez’s Thriller “Buried alive”, according to this principle, can be safely called a “bottle film”. His only character-American chauffeur Paul Conroy, who works under contract in Iraq-never comes out of a wooden box buried in the ground. There is a feeling that the lion’s share of the three-million budget went to the fee for Ryan Reynolds, who played the role. What else could the filmmakers have spent the money on? All the stated props-a lighter, a mobile phone and seven oak coffins.”Best Survival Movies” 4th on our list!

5-) I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Let’s be honest: will Smith is far from the only actor to appear in the third film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s cult novel. Moreover, in this picture there are large-scale scenes, for the creation of which more than a thousand people were pulled to the site. And yet, what kind of people are they? So, infected with the virus evil spirits – whether zombies, or beast-like monsters, finally lost their human appearance. So let’s assume that will Smith, who wanders through the deserted new York with a German shepherd and in all seriousness communicates with mannequins, completely alone. The only one who could not infect a strange virus, invented, ironically, as a cure for cancer. Humanity’s last hope for rebirth.”Best Survival Movies” 5th on our list!

6-) Wrecked


If the script for “Victim” and actor Adrian Brody had fallen into the hands of an experienced Hollywood craftsman rather than a canadian debutant, this survival Thriller would have been doomed to a hail of nominations and statuettes. At least-in the category of “Best actor”: Brody, who holds the whole picture, went through trials excessive even for the Oscar-winner. During filming, he naturally ate insects and worms. Not once did he demand the help of stuntmen. Himself fell in small river with almost frozen water. He didn’t sleep in the hotel where the rest of the crew had fled after their shift. In order not to fall out of the image, the actor spent the night alone in a dark canadian forest — in the same broken car where we find his character at the beginning of the picture. “Best Survival Movies” 6th on our list!

7-) Cast Away

cast away

To put a man on a desert island and watch him squeeze out civilization drop by drop, adapting to new conditions of life — the concept, let’s face it, is not the most original. However, “Rogue” is not for nothing ranked among the hundred best drama films of all time – in the beaten “robinsonade” its creators managed to breathe new life, strengthening the loneliness of the main character. Instead of fighting with pirates-the struggle with the silent sea element. Instead of Friday, a volleyball named Wilson. The main sound effect — zubodrobitelnaya silence, at a meeting with which modern people are able to lose both reason and reason at once. “Best Survival Movies7th on our list!


😎 The Revenant

the revenant

The film tells the story of the colonist Hugh glass, left alone with a cruel nature. Glass is attacked by a bear-he remains alive, but is on the verge of life and death. His three companions, his son hawk, and the hunters Fitzgerald and Bridger, must wait for their comrade’s death and then bury him with dignity. Instead, glass is left alone. To get out, he can only rely on his strength. “Best Survival Movies” 8th on our list!

9-) Frozen


Going for a ride on a remote ski slope? Maybe we shouldn’t do it after all. If the lift stops, then you will have some difficulties. The heroes of this film were forgotten on the lift, which works only on weekends. To survival, they have to make an important decision-to jump down from a great height or freeze and wait for rescue?

10-) Everest


The film is based on a true story that took place in 1996 on the slopes of the most impregnable mountain in the world. Three commercial expeditions went to the summit. They all reached their goal, but on the way back they were waiting for an unpleasant surprise-a strong snowstorm. Now, to return home alive, they will have to overcome their fears, and somewhere even step on the throat of their own conscience. According to the Director, this film tells about strong-minded men, as well as about the nature that turned their road to the camp into a real ice hell.

11-) The Shallows 

the shallows+

No desire to sit in Moscow? Bought tickets to the sea and are going to surf a lot? Note that in the depths of the sea can hide dangerous toothy predators. The heroine of the film “Shoal”, a student of medical College Nancy, goes alone to surf. Everything goes well until a shark appears in this improbable Paradise – it pulls the girl to the bottom, but Nancy manages to get out on the shoal, located about 200 meters from the shore. The narrative will be almost entirely focused on the main character, the role of which was played by Blake lively. Girl gives itself promise, that not dies on this shoals, and is beginning to seek the exit.

12-) The Day after Tomorrow

the day after tomorrowImagine that our planet is slowly but surely moving towards a global catastrophe: the elements are erasing entire cities from the face of the earth. An experienced climatologist predicts that the world will soon come a new ice age, but no one believes him. But suddenly everything begins to change dramatically – hail kills people in China, and India is hit by unprecedented snowfall.

13-) All Is Lost

All Is Lost


The unnamed character of actor Robert Redford goes to sea on his sailboat and is shipwrecked. To stay alive, the main character will have to apply all their skills and knowledge: after all, means of communication with the rest of the world he does not have. In the end, the ship is hit by a powerful storm.

The film, directed by J. C. Chandor, is a unique “one-actor theater”: chamber action, a single location, one artist and an almost complete lack of dialogue. The picture was appreciated by critics, and the lead actor was nominated for a Golden globe.


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