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8 Films in Which Movie Studios Did Not Believe and Allocated a Very Little Budget.


In the film industry, money does, if not all, decide a lot. Promising filmmakers can wander over thresholds of funds for years and, surrendering, put promising ideas in a long drawer, try to remove something penniless or give up hope to show the world their work. But viewers and critics are inconsistent in their preferences, and a picture that at first no one took seriously could be a real hit.

At TopMoviesList, we believe that an interesting idea and a talented acting game can more than compensate for the lack of money. Our selection today is dedicated to modest budget films that have won the love of moviegoers around the world.

1-) Whiplash


The dramatic film about a desperate drummer won 3 Oscars and a Golden globe. At first, no one believed in the idea of the young Director Damien Chazelle, who later shot the acclaimed “La La land”: the musical Thriller seemed to film-makers unpromising. It is unlikely that the audience would be interested to understand the intricacies of the relationship between the 19-year-old drummer and the head of the jazz band.

But Chazelle decided to release a short film with one of the scenes of the future offspring and did not lose: he got an award at the independent film festival “Sundance”. After that, long attempts to turn “Obsession” into a full meter were crowned with success: the newly minted film became a real hit and was among the 10 best films of 2014. The film turned out to be much more intense than one would expect from a story about the formation of a young talent, and it is completely devoid of the mawkishness that is characteristic of paintings of this kind. In the charisma and realism of the characters do not have to doubt for a second.


2-) Get Out

get out low-budget movies top 2

This low-budget satirical detective Director newcomer managed to win on all fronts, winning the Oscar for best screenplay, as well as being noted in the categories “Best actor”, “Best Director” and “Best actor”. Initially, no one was betting on the idea: the plot is a hodgepodge of genres, combining black Comedy, Thriller and horror, while the film raises the problems of inequality inherent in social drama.

Such a picture is difficult to characterize and evaluate, besides, it is not clear what target audience it is designed for. For example, fans of action could find the film too protracted due to the fact that there is only one plot twist, and that is revealed shortly before the finale. Nevertheless, the audience and critics not only forgave the film’s diversity, but also considered this film creation a real author’s Thriller.


3-)  Slumdog Millionaire



slumdog millionaire - low budget movies top 3.

The basis of this crime melodrama was the best-selling Indian writer and diplomat Vikas Swarup. The book tells the story of a young uneducated young man who was lucky enough to participate in a monetary intellectual quiz show.

The idea was initially ambiguous: Director Danny Boyle, familiar to viewers from the films “on the needle” and “the Beach”, decided to cross bollywood with Hollywood. It turned out to be a classic tale about a poor but honest guy who eventually achieves great heights, a kind of Cinderella story, which is a dime a dozen in the “dream Factory”. However, the film about the fulfilled hopes of a common man from the people brought the creators of many awards, including several Oscars, Golden globes, as well as the award of the screen actors Guild of the United States. The creators harmoniously combined the drama of the Indian slums with fabulous melodrama, which leaves after watching the faith in the best.


4-) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

my big fat greek wedding

The creators managed to shoot a light romantic Comedy, which was interesting not only to the main target audience, that is, the Greeks. The plot does not Shine with originality: all events develop around a young Greek woman who falls in love with an American and causes a stir in her large family. Now her chosen one needs to somehow be able to join the alien culture.

The characters of the film are quite cartoonish, and the magnificent wedding in the final is shown very schematically. Nevertheless, all the cliches are smoothed sparkling humor, which is appreciated by the audience and critics. In addition, wherever you live, the noisy celebration of marriage with all the ensuing consequences is familiar to everyone — all this makes the film so close and dear. In this and there is secret magic movies, thanks to which the creators of “My big Greek wedding” directly -??? ozolotilis contrary more than modest budget and lack of intricate plot twists.


5-)  Paranormal Activity


paranormal activity

This low-budget horror was filmed in a pseudo-documentary style. Special hopes for the success of the picture was not assigned: after all, the creators chose the genre for the Amateur. In addition, the film was made literally on the knee: the shooting, which took place in the house of the Director, took only a week.

But it is due to pseudodocumentaries “Paranormal phenomenon” managed to tickle the audience. Uncomplicated at first glance horror brought phenomenal box office, and was marked by many rave reviews. According to a review from a horror-themed website, ” Paranormal is one of the most frightening films of all time. You are guaranteed to experience shock and shock.”


6-) Split


A complex psychological Thriller, far from the concept of “blockbuster”, was unexpectedly warmly welcomed at the world box office. And all because real luminaries worked on the picture: Director M. knight Shyamalan, known for such films as “Stuart little”, “the Sixth sense” and “After our era”, as well as star James McEvoy, who already played a character with a multiple personality in the film adaptation of the novel by Irwin Welsh “Dirt”.

The very fate of Billy Milligan, to whom the picture is dedicated, is very curious. And the Director managed not only to tell about the person to whom a lot of documentaries was already devoted, in a new way, but also to construct a very intriguing work of art from the history of the disease. Agree, it is hard to believe that such a hit was disproportionately meager budget, right?


7-) The Purge

the purge

Although dystopias are not particularly popular among modern viewers, the fantastic Thriller with Ethan hawke made film fans around the world cling to the screens with interest. The Director, who was inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, as well as the TV series “Star trek”, managed to tell a fascinating story about the devastating consequences of the economic collapse in the United States.


😎 Don’t Breathe

dont breathe

This low-budget Thriller was an unexpected hit, receiving 3 thematic film awards. The film was directed by Federico Alvarez, thanks to whom a few years ago the restart of the cult horror film “the Sinister dead”took place. The plot quite rudely violates the laws of the genre: sympathy for the main characters, who find themselves in a confined space, does not arise. Where would he be if they stole money from a lone Iraq war veteran?

In addition, there are many banal details in the film: a heroic botanist, a frightened girl and a mysterious and terrible house. But all the shortcomings are compensated by the talented game of Stephen lang, able to brighten up any film, as well as excellent dynamics.



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